urban mobility

Statement on urban mobility

Mobility is one of the main factors in the sustainable development of large urban agglomerations. Its dynamics are essential. It is also one of the main vehicles of economic development. Its quality has a high impact on the environment. Its development has a growing influence on the organization of society and equity.

Big cities are finding it increasingly difficult to control their transportation systems. In developing countries, the growth of individual transportation means has skyrocketed, it has become impossible to solve their problems solely with traditional methods (traffic plans, or the enhancement of public transportation). Transportation systems are saturated and stringent measures are now required. Air pollution, noise and traffic safety are also public health issues.

In developing countries, scarce investments hinder transportation system maintenance (quality of vehicles, roads, public transportation) thus creating problems related to environmental protection, overall economic development, and road safety.

The fast pace of change of transportation in all large urban areas spurs a search for new solutions. One must be innovative, on the lookout for sustainable solutions, and plan and implement projects according to a quality control concept. An awareness of environmental and financial problems generated by car traffic enabled some cities to create planned transportation systems, based on the concept of sustainable development. A working knowledge of decision-making tools, a fitting use of IT technologies and a quality-control approach (quality assurance plan) optimise infrastructure investments, wherever the economy is hindered by the shortcomings of the transportation system and insufficient financial allocations.

This evolution requires the on-going education of the stakeholders responsible for major strategic decisions in transportation matters.

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