urban mobility

What the Institute does

IIMT will be carrying out training in the field of mobility (courses, technical cooperation, research and communication).

  • Adult professional education

    • post-graduate studies for engineers specialising in mobility.
    • course modules on integrated urban systems urban development (systems, territorial planning, etc.)

  • specialized training courses for decision-makers (politicians, etc.). These courses train political and technical staff in urban traffic planning (UTP) according to a method aimed at ensuring project quality. They also aim at ` :

    • Evaluating the quality of specialized plans
    • Setting up terms of reference
    • Implementing and managing action plans
    • Making realistic and effective choices
    • how to analyse, evaluate and adjust
    • how to manage projects

  • organisation of meetings, workshops, specialized internships in the field of mobility, aiming mainly at :

    • Analysing the existing situation and future stakes in terms of sustainable mobility
    • Defining the objectives of the stakeholder communities
    • high quality concepts and action plans

  • research and communication pertaining to knowledge and information on mobility, as well as to sustainable ethics for mobility. It provides round-ups on current issues, data gathering, information material, and a specialised website. Its role :

    • research on specialised themes
    • keeping its members up to date
    • networking among the stakeholders of mobility issues

  • technical cooperation courses, project evaluation, consultancies, technical input to decision-making, with the objectives of facilitating the exchange of competencies and experience, and the strengthening of a common language for stakeholders and a common basis for a fair sustainable development.

    • Taking into account cultural and social diversity
    • Setting priorities
    • choosing the right tools to implement plans (legal, technological, communication)
    • dialoguing with society at large

The concept of training

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